Child Custody For Fathers After Separation Or Divorce

Compared to a certain period during the 1970s, cases for child custody for fathers today are more common.
Before that decade, child custody for fathers was rather unheard of.

Custody for kids is often vested with mothers. This is based on the tender years doctrine which was the guide that the courts followed during that time. According to the said doctrine, it is presumed that children during their tender age should be with their mother.

father with young son

This period is defined as the years between the time of birth and the age of thirteen.
As the twentieth century approached, however, U.S. courts began altering their adherence to the tender years doctrine.

The reason behind this is a clause stated in the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution.
The Equal Protection Clause, as it is officially known, states that for the best interest of the child during divorce, it is best to give both parents equal custody.

Hence, the legalization of child custody for fathers.
As the years go by, countries like the United Kingdom have adopted the new policy on child custody.

To cut the story short, the best interest of children became more prioritized than the consideration of the tender years doctrine.

This standard has now become a public policy in which most family courts adhere to. In fact, this has greatly influenced the whole U.K. family court orientation in general. In spite of these changes, there are still some family courts today that do not recognize the custody rights of fathers.

The traditional maternal roles of women are still given much weight by some states. The application of this dated and traditional standard has a historical leaning on the mother during custody cases.

But in spite of this, it is not wrong to say that fathers, especially those who are single, are gradually winning the cause. Custody for fathers is slowly being recognized in more conservative states.

Debates and talks about child custody for fathers may cause a bit of confusion to some sections of the population but it cannot be denied that it has helped shed a light to the issue of fathers rights.

In some cases, for instance, where the decision for child custody is left to the courts, fathers are proving their worthiness in fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities as parents.

As long as they can provide an environment conducive for the emotional, physical, and intellectual development of their children, there is no reason why male parents cannot have custody of their kids.
Child custody for fathers may also apply in situations where mothers are incapable of affording expensive child custody court battles. Regardless of the condition, however, more and more fathers are now getting custody of their children.
In attaining this status, a mutual agreement between parents must be established. This agreement can be purely verbal or approved by the court.

What Next?

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