Child Custody Rights

In the United Kingdom child custody rights are given a lot of attention.

This is not for the sake of the parents, but for the sake of the child. However, one thing cannot be denied.

Child custody laws in the United Kingdom can be quite complex and for this very same reason that it is under review.

Other factors that affect the children are also taken into account, such as the salary and the relationship of the parents.

There can be no replacement for getting a family lawyer or solicitor.

Getting professional advice regarding the events that will transpire during the divorce or separation and it can be disorientating for most.
Even if you are a non-resident parent, you still have a legal obligation to take care of your child.

In other words, you still have responsibility over your child and his/her upbringing in monetary terms, regardless of whether you have contact with your child or not.

The Currernt Custody Laws

child custody laws

There are current laws about child custody rights mentioning that if the parent receives income support or any government-funded support, that parent will have to be authorized by the Secretary of the State in order to receive child support from the other parent.

If they fail to do this, they will receive 40% less of their benefits for three years.

If the parent taking care of the child receives neither, the parent should settle in court on how both parties will try to agree on a certain figure that both will believe is fair.

The CSA, or Child Support Agency, will be responsible for granting the child support that the parents cannot give.


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However, the CSA does need to perform studies regarding child custody rights such as these, such as studying the salary and accounting other children from other relationships.

If a non-resident parent is found out to supply the incorrect information, that parent might have to pay a considerably bigger amount than they normally would have if they stated all the information correctly.

It is a good thing that this decision, whether in favours  you or not, can always be appealed against.

There are certain influences that can affect the child support given by the CSA, like when one of the parents will need to rear a child.

Parents with qualms must apply within one month of the decision, however there are instances that these child custody rights can be up to a year more.