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How do you win child custody after going through separation or divorce? Learn as much as you can about your custody rights.

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In the United Kingdom, child custody laws decide on who will be responsible for caring for a child, in the event of a separation or a divorce.

If you’re in the middle of one, it would be best then to have a custody lawyer represent you to ensure that the best decision for the welfare of your child is achieved.

However, while most custody battles are between parents, there will also be times wherein a third party will be filing for custody against the parents, like a grandparent or a guardian.

Having good lawyer representation with their knowledge of the child custody laws can assist you in winning custody of your child.

While the idea of a custody battle is to award guardianship of a child to one parent.

The best resolution still here is joint custody of children.
This enables the parents to be able to share the duty of physical care.
All responsibilities and obligations are carried out by both the parents this way.

This not only makes things more manageable for both parents as neither party will be overburdened with all of the responsibilities of rearing a child but the child will also get equal exposure to both parents.

This helps create more of a holistic formation for the child and both parents.

Custody Advice For Parents And Guardians

There will be circumstances though wherein a parent may be excluded automatically from taking part in a custody battle.

If this is the case with you, a child custody lawyer should be sourced as they understand the custody laws in these situations.

You need to know your rights in the united kingdom in relation to a custody battle.

Lawyers are able to prepare you and make the necessary arrangements for your custody case.

Once an application is received, that is the only time that the courts will reconsider their decision with regards to custody of your child.

Regaining custody of your child essentially requires that you prove that the child will have stability in your care.

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Factors that can sway the courts decision in your favour include the following:

employment, parent relocation, and the integration of your child into his or her new environment.

Only the courts can formalise custody arrangements but parents can submit arrangements they may have drafted themselves, sometimes with the help of a fathers rights.

Some of the instances wherein the father has the upper-hand include:

- If the mother is addicted to drugs or alcohol.
– If the mother has a criminal record.
– if the mother is emotionally or physically incapable.
– When there are signs that the mother has been emotionally or physically abusing the child.
Fathers can get child custody when it is evident that the mother has abandoned the child.

Child custody laws are best dealt with by a professional lawyer in most cases.

Lawyers specialize in family law related disputes using the legal system in situations that can not be resolved mutually between partners.