Custody Of Children

The divorce rate, unfortunately, has steadily risen in the past few years and custody of children is the underlying issue.

The UK has not been spared from this sobering truth either.

Custody battles are more common especially when the parents are not married.

In some instances, a third party may also join the custody dispute.

It is not unheard of for these individuals (eg. grandparents, siblings) to fight for custody of children.
Owing to the increasing numbers of divorce and separation in the region, it becomes imperative for parents to know about child custody rights, including child custody for fathers.

What Determines the Custody Of A Child?

Child custody rights in the UK are determined by child custody
laws, which stipulates which of the child’s caregivers has the better right to take charge of the child after the divorce or separation.

In cases where the relationship ends amicably, the couple decides between themselves who will take custody of the children they have.
However, in cases where there are bitter disputes, the divorce courts are put in charge to determine who best suits custody of children.  Child custody for fathers is just as considered as child custody for mothers by the courts.
The main factor that the courts consider in determining who to award custody to would be the capacity of a parent to take care of the child. Because the best interests of the child come foremost.

The judge will look into the background of both the father and the mother to determine which of them deserves custody in respect to a large number of factors.

These are finances, employment, health, and relationships can all play important roles in determining who the courts will grant the custody to.

It is quite possible for the courts to change the custody arrangements at some point, if such a move is needed or requested by the contesting parties.

Shared Child Custody

child and father custody

While not common in the UK, several groups are advocating shared custody, and as a result, its popularity is now increasing as a custody option for separated or divorced parents who both want to become involved in the raising of their children.
In order for shared custody to be granted to the couple, both parents should live a short distance from each other to make it easier for the child.
They should also be willing to make the time and commitment to make sure that their child is well taken care of, especially since he or she will may be spending at least three days at a time per week with each of them.

Agreed Custody And Custody Battles

However, shared custody may not be an arrangement that will work for some couples. At times, a parent may want to take full custody of the child, either amicably agreed upon with the other parent, or else a matter of contest between them. In these cases, it is up to the courts to decide who will be awarded custody.

More often than not, mothers are usually the ones who have a better advantage of being granted custody by the courts.

This can make a case more difficult for fathers. Even so, the law also recognizes a fathers rights, with child custody for fathers it is also possible that custody be granted, should the father’s life situation appear better suited to support the child.

These decisions are ultimately made in the best interests of children.