What Are A Fathers Rights In The UK?

In order to first determine what a fathers rights are when it comes to child custody laws, it is important to first determine whether the father actually has rights over the child in the first place.

Divorce or separation is not just hard for the couple who is breaking up, but to their children as well.

Child custody laws determine who should have the right and responsibility for the care and charge of a child after the parents split up.

A fathers rights to see children are determined by child custody laws.
A person can claim fathers rights following child custody laws if:

* The child was born on or after December 1, 2003, and he is named on the birth
certificate as the birth father.

* A Parental Responsibility Agreement is signed.

* The birth certificate, which previously didn’t reflect the father’s name, was
later amended to show his name.

* The Magistrate or Justice of Peace of the Family Courts has granted him parental
responsibility over the child, or an order of residency.

Fathers And Their Rights

fathers rights to see his son

If these conditions are missing, then it is unlikely for the courts to look with favour at the petition of people claiming fathers rights due to the stipulations of child custody laws.

The problem becomes especially problematic if the father is unmarried.

Child custody laws are clear on the fact that the fathers don’t have paternity rights in this situation, unless he is actually acknowledged as the birth father.

If you are involved in a custody battle, it is important to understand that in most circumstances, fathers rights are essentially the same as mother’s rights over the child.


father walking with his son

As such, the two of you theoretically have an equal chance of getting custody or visitation rights over the kids.

Even so, the tides can change, depending on how the courts will see your unique situation, as they will be the ones who will need to determine what seems best for the child.

Should you wish to win child custody, you will need to prove that the mother is unfit to raise the child, like those women who have a history of drug use or have spent time in jail.

Make sure that you get a good child custody lawyer to argue the case for you, and ensure that you have the proper documents to prove that you are fit to raise your child.

All too often, a lot of children end up being split in the middle because of the strained relationship between their parents.

Understanding the child custody laws make the process as painful as possible for all of the people concerned and your children most of all.

Make sure that you read up on  as many child custody laws in regard to fathers rights.