Parental Rights For Fathers

Parental rights for fathers in the UK may be simple and straight forward at first but there are a few considerations that any father should know.

What considerations should a father understand when it comes to fathers right to see children when a couple breaks up or filed for divorce.

Based on the laws governing the United Kingdom, when it comes to child custody laws, both parents are responsible in bringing up their child regardless of whether they are married or separated.

They are required to care for the child, put a roof over the child’s head and make sure that he or she gets quality education among others.

However, when it comes to unmarried child custody, things become a bit tricky.

When it comes to an unmarried fathers right to see his children, the law may appear to favour the mother unless of course she is deemed unfit to raise their child.

Unmarried fathers rights are somewhat limited especially when the child is born before December of 2003.

This is quite a shock for some fathers who thought that will get to enjoy the same privileges as the mother of the child.

Fathers Parental Rights – What You Need To Know

parental rights for fathers

parental rights for fathers

Unmarried fathers technically do not have any legal rights to the child nor do are they allowed to visit or get to spend time with their child.

The mother can initiate the contact but based on custody for fathers who are unmarried they are not allowed.

However, there are ways for an unmarried father to fight for his right to raise his child even if his child was born before the 1st of December 2003.

This is through signing a parental responsibility agreement.

This agreement gives a father the power to raise a child according to what they think is best not only where the child is to be raised but other responsibilities that entail child rearing.

However, it is best for unmarried fathers to keep in mind that, although this agreement gives them the right to raise their child, this doesn’t ensure that they can see their children on their own.

These are but a few things to consider by fathers who are contesting their right to see their children whether they are unmarried or divorced.

It is best to remember that the laws governing fathers right to see children in the UK can vary depending on location.

That is why it is highly recommended for fathers who are either unmarried or divorced to consult with their lawyers to help determine the best course to take to become part of their child’s lives.

Joint custody can still apply provided that the two parties agreed to the rules of the agreement before hand. This ensures, their child will get to grow up happy even if his or her parents are separated.

When it comes to the rights for a father to see his children in the UK, the law can tend to become a bit confusing.

However, with the help of a custody lawyer, a father will be able to get the kind of privileges they need especially when it comes to raising their child.