Visitation Rights For Fathers

How does visitation rights for fathers work for non custodial separated dads? Mothers want custody of their children no matter what. What you need to know!

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Separating from a spouse is a difficult thing and divorce can be an ugly and expensive battle.

A solicitor handing you your divorce papers is never a pleasant situation especially if you have children to take into consideration.

Generally speaking, most mothers want custody of their children no matter what, so it is important for you to know what rights you have as a father in relation to visitation.

Being away from the family home and not being able to see and spend time with your kids is a very depressing and isolating time for the father indeed.

It is imperative that you get yourself a child custody lawyer to know what you need to do if you still want to play a part in your child’s life.

Visitation Rights For Fathers

Contact, also known as visitation, is a term used in family law to indicate the level of contact a parent or guardian can have with a child. It is included in the rights and privileges of a parent or guardian in relation to the child.

When a couple has a child, it greatly changes the dynamics of their relationship and the law has rules and provisions which depend on the nature of the relationship of the couple and in the manner of how the couple terminated their relationship (legal separation, divorce or annulment).

Minority is referred to the early years of a child’s life, when he or she is subject to the authority of a parent.

When the parents separate, one of them will end up as the residential parent (with who the child lives with most of the time) and the other will become the non-residential parent (usually the father who are granted parental rights).

In the UK, Contact Orders were made under the Children Act 1989. This law requires the parent or guardian of the child to allow him or her to visit, stay or have contact with the person in the contact order. This is in effect until the child reaches the age of 16; however, in special circumstances, the court may allow contact orders for children above the age of 16.

Visitation Rights For Fathers

visitation rights for fathers

visitation rights for fathers

Visitation rights for fathers can vary: some will have specific rules with regards to times, dates and other arrangements. Some are more open and lax, especially if the couple has parted in amicable terms.

Sometimes contact orders from the court are no longer needed, especially when a couple has discussed the terms of child-rearing and have come to an agreement between them. All they need is a solicitor to make it legally binding.

You have rights and responsibilities to your child if you have parental responsibility, and this includes visitation rights for fathers.
Parental responsibility means that you were married to the mother of your child, the birth certificate lists you as the father, or if you have a Parental Responsibility Order.

Visitation rights for fathers is one of your rights with concern to your child.

Although you and your ex may not be able to live together under one roof, there is no reason to be absent in your son’s or daughter’s life, especially if you have a close relationship. After all, this not only benefits you but the child as well.